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Toobee. Amazing Flying Can!

Disc-Golf Legend,
Ralph Williamson Adopts
Toobee for fun and demonstration.

Disc Golf Photo

Ralph Williamson, Legendary Frisbee® Pro
and 10-time World PGDA (Professional Disc Golf Association) Champion, has been using Toobee as part of his Skills demonstration. "Toobee® is a fun toy that truly amazes viewers each time I toss it. Looking for a twist on Disc-Golf? Try Toobee Golf. Use the same rules as in Disc-Golf and you are ready to go."

Toobee is a Green Toy

Toobee is a Green Toy.

Even a Tree Hugger can feel good about this toy. That's because Toobee is 100% Recyclable. Just think, fun and recyclable. Go Green!

"Toobee® Could Be the Next Fad Craze." — USA Today
"Toobee® An Aerodynamic Wonder!" — Games Magazine
"Hottest Item Since the Frisbee!" — Frisbee Pro

Toobee is Made in the USA. Fun. Fun. Fun! For ages 6-106

Amaze your Friends. Watch Toobee
Sail, Soar, Swoop & Curve.

Amaze your friends! Watch heads turn as it sails soars swoops and curves. Toss it for distance, accuracy for fun or competition. Already Toobee® has been flown over 283 feet (94 yards). That's just six yards short of a football field. More than just a toy, Toobee® is really a new be played alone, with the family, or with a group of friends. This aerodynamic wonder weighs less than a marshmallow, has no sharp edges, and can be flown safely indoors or out. Buy Now

Toobee. Amazing Flying Can

Fantastic gift idea. For ages 5 to 105.
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Did you know?

Toobee was a big hit at
eBay Live 2007!
Toobee and eBay Live 2007
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100% of money collected from the sale of each TOOBEE will go to support – a water charity committed to bringing clean, safe water solutions to people in developing nations who have none.
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Toobee. Amazing Flying Can

TOOBEE is, and always has been, 100% Made in the USA. A fun toy that's All American.

Every TOOBEE comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

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